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This is my first review ever on Yelp because I had such an amazing experience with Monika.

Alison, Advertising - Sunnyvale

Monika helped my family during a very difficult situation. We noticed a marked improvement in our wellbeing.

Anand, IT Professional - Cupertino, CA

Monika has been healing our family since my 4yr old son was sick with Nephrotic Syndrome. He has been showing great improvement in his health. She had surprised/amazed us.

Vasantha & Ganesan, Education & IT Professionals, Cupertino, CA

After our session I have noticed subtle but powerful changes within myself and my life. She definitely knows what she is doing.

Alison R, Therapist, CA

I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She truly has the ability to zero in on the healing that you need without you even telling her.  My radiation oncologist even commented on how well I was. His exact words were, "Wow, I can't believe how well you are doing! Most patients have a lot more side effects than you are having at this point."

Stephanie C, Medical Professional

I was actually surprised with the powerful results I got from such gentle, sensitive work. More importantly, it helped me to turn a corner in my life.

Eileen R, Legal, Woodside, CA

I met Monika in the Fall of 2014. At the time, I was looking for a forum to help me maintain my equilibrium. I started attending her guided meditation session, then I took Reiki level 1, 2, and master class. Monika is my guide, my supporter and my cheerleader. My journey is brighter because of her presence.

Dana H.

I have known Monika for over 3 years. She is an amazing healer. I first came to her to experience reiki and receive emotional and mental healing as I was suffering from anxiety and depression. Additionally, many areas in my life felt stuck. My first session with Monika changed my life. For the first two weeks I wan unable time feel any negative emotions such as anger and resentment. My brain could not even think of anything negative even if I tried. I felt an extreme peace and love that I had not felt in many years. I decided to continue with her and take the reiki 1 and 2 course. I now practice reiki for myself, friends and family. I have healed emotionally and mentally and my life has changed in marvelous ways. Thank you Monika for guiding me and helpin me start on this spiritual journey! Most importantly thank you for guiding my healing and being here for me during my growth.

Mayra Murillo

I have been taking healing sessions for myself and for my family from Monika for about 7 years now. Monika is an amazing healer, a compassionate human being and a great teacher. I eventually ended up taking Reiki Level 1 course from Monika. Monika has helped my family weather many storms related to health and personal issues. I always felt a deep sense of relief when I take healing sessions from Monika. In one particular session with Monika when I was going through a highly troubled time in my life and this was a free group healing session I felt such a surge of energy go out as I have never experienced anywhere and can safely say it was repressed emotions/ energy coming out. I can vouch for Monika's healing abilities. She is a very compassionate healer and totally non persuasive. I am lucky to have met her.

Ruchi A.

I met Monika over 6 years ago when I wanted to try Reiki healing. It was a wonderful experience, extremely calming, gentle and peaceful. Through the healing sessions I was able to release a lot of negative energy and trapped emotions.  I gained a sense of inner peace and positivity that I hadn't had for years. I went on to do the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses with her which I enjoyed very much.  More recently Monika has helped me via remote healing sessions to overcome some stressful times in my life.  I believe she is a gifted healer and teacher and would recommend her for anyone interested in Reiki healing or the other services that she offers.


Monika was a God send person for me during my time of crisis. She is full of positive vibes, a good listener, good counselor and above all a good healer. She has magic in her hands. Every time when I used go to her with so much pain, I used to come out totally relieved. When I was depressed due to health issues, she helped me come out of my fears & depression. I also learned Reiki 1 from her, which eventually led me to new path in life. Feeling blessed to have come across such a beautiful soul!!

Annie Jerald

Monika is a wonderful person. She is one of the most kind, caring and empathetic people I have ever met in my entire life. Her meditation sessions are very calming, and her reiki healing is extremely effective, causing very profound changes. She is truly gifted in this area, as one can see that the way she approaches her healing is with a certain intuition that is very strong. In this crazy world, Monika's meditation and reiki are definitely a saving grace. I wish more people would seek out her services to make this world a better place.

Shawna P.

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